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"Estamos constantemente olvidando. El arte se resiste y trabaja contra ese borrado natural y sistemático. Hay hechos. Hay testigos. Hay memoria. Tenemos pasado. Hay historia madre y hay literatura".
Daniel Ferreira.

Media literacy: Journalism of wonder

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Understanding day-to-day: the art of making journalism
Toward a philosophical theory of journalism. An essay after the digital era
By Gloria Serrano*


Journalism are the stories behind the official figures. This academic presentation (and also an ongoing project I will be presentating) relocates the terms of the debate surrounding journalism from the heights of digital era (new technologies, mass communication, mainstream news, set agenda, current media ecosystem) to the more complex ground of heterogeneous, interconnected, local and learning communities around the world.

Throughout the text I will examinate how these three components of any society in any ageinteract (“assemble”) and construct what we call journalism: social actors (people, stories), context (local and global environment) and media (industry, resources, new formats and platforms).

The main premise of this approach is that even when Internet is understood as the “big change” in mass communication journalism continues to be shaped, channelled and enabled by professionals who get out into the streets and say: “show me”. Nowadays, I mean these few with the intention to interact with the moment where contemporary life (social relations, culture, education and a long etcétera) can be clarified for them and for their future readers

Subject index (work in progress)


“I believe it is very likely that men, if they ever should lose their ability to wonder and thus cease to ask unanswerable questions, also will lose the faculty of asking the answerable questions upon which every civilization is founded”, Hannah Arendt.

Introductory readings to understand the relationship between wonderment and journalism:

Note: Yes, it is generally acknowledged that new ways of reporting and narrating reality are required, but technology is not the master key to bring the real daily life of people back to the forefront. As will be outlined below, the most enlightening and dynamic pieces are still those that emerge from taking a deep and close look of the world around us.

1.1. What is it all about?
Journalism as a vineyard.

1.2. Journalism and developing the ability to appreciate every manifestation of human creativity
Michael Nyman Band, crossing the borders of music.

1.3. New narratives: music to talk about human rights
Elijah, by Mendelssohn for Marielle Franco

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© 2017 Gloria Serrano all rights reserved

*Gloria Serrano (México, 1977) is an independent journalist based on Madrid, Spain. She has focused her work on social movements, activism, civic engament, civic innovation, migration, cultural diversity, feminism, human rights, digital culture, peace processes and democratic cities, among other issues.


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